We Are Engaged: Lisa and Charles

Engagement sessions are for both the photographer and the couple. This type of photoshoot allows the photographer to get to know the couple and their mannerisms and how they connect with one another. And the couple learns how the photographer shoots and can start building a relationship with him/her. It's a win-win for all involved.

Check out the engagement photo session of Lisa and Charles, captured by Principle Photographer, Jermaine Horton.

Most couples are not initially comfortable in front of the camera, but after a little coaching, the walls came down and Lisa and Charles' vibe was great. This is another reason why engagement sessions are so important. You do not want to spend the wedding day coaching couples on how to be natural. Those teachable moments easily play themselves out during the engagement shoot.

Lisa and Charles' chemistry is undeniable. They shared the stories of how they met, dated, fell in love, and ultimately got engaged. Their playful looks and laughter told an even bigger story of their love connection. With the wedding planning underway for their 2021 nuptials, Lisa and Charles' love story continues to unfold with many great chapters ahead.

Looking forward to capturing your amazing wedding day, Lisa and Charles! #YourFavoritePhotographer

Images captured at Hotel Arista Naperville

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