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Check out the Update Center for the latest AutoCAD features.Desktop:New Windows: Credential ManagerGive your users easy access to login credentials stored in one location, and quickly apply them to their AutoCAD session. No more hunting for your user profile, no more remembering to close the browser window.Rapid file transferSeamlessly access, open, edit and close files on your network. Thanks to the new NTFS file sharing feature, you can easily transfer and open files on your network, even if your workstation is offline.Recent filesQuickly access your most recent files, without logging into the system.Quick access to layer propertiesDrag and drop layers directly to your diagram to change its properties or its fill color or linetype. Easily adjust the fill color of a shape, label, lines, or arcs.Advance fill and stroke settingsAdjust the advanced fill and stroke settings, including fill gradient, fill object, gradient and fill pattern, all from one central dialog.Freehand shapesCustomize freehand shapes to be as big or small as you need. Move or resize them, and even join them into a compound shape or group them into a shape layer.Snap to gridsSet a grid for all your diagrams and drawings. When you drag and drop a shape or text, or any other object, on a grid, it snaps to that grid.Drag to sketchChange the angle of the stroke and fill of your lines, arcs, and text to create a sketch effect.Group shapeDrag any two or more shapes on a diagram to group them together, so that the user can interact with all of them at the same time.Edit the text of shapesWith the new Edit Shapes dialog box, you can quickly make edits to the text and characters in your shapes.Save as PDFCreate a PDF of a diagram or drawing and save it to your hard drive.Improvements in 3D:Better tool workflowQuickly and easily create complex 3D models in a fraction of the time. With the new tool workflow feature, you can create entire models in one command, eliminating the need to create individual components. (video: 2:50 min.)Open and manipulate 3D models with a single click3D 2be273e24d


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