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Send feedback to multiple users from a single CAD document, directly from the output settings in your drawing.Import AutoCAD 2020.xml (.air file ) from Office 365 apps (Excel, PowerPoint, and OneNote). Import directly to AutoCAD, with no additional steps, including the ability to select which drawings to bring with you.Excel 2020.xml:Open, edit, and close data directly in Excel.Open and edit Excel files without the need to export them to a.xlsx file.When editing an Excel spreadsheet from a page in the PowerPoint app, users are able to quickly copy and paste a specific cell value to a new column.When working in the PowerPoint app, users can use context menus to easily copy, paste, and add text to cells.Adobe Photoshop 2020:In Photoshop 2020, the “Download Missing Artboards” feature, which downloads missing artboards from a PDF, is now included.Users can easily control how much detail to download in “Artboard Preview.”And an “Artboard Color” palette has been added in the “File” menu for color-blind users.Troubleshooting:2D Paths:A command-line update:To help troubleshoot problems with your new installation, we’ve introduced a new command-line troubleshooting tool. This helps with the installation and error troubleshooting. For example, if you have already installed AutoCAD and want to check your version, enter the following command:>> autocad –versionThe “–version” command returns your version number and date.The tool itself is located in AutoCAD’s “bin/” folder.SketchUp 2020:SketchUp 2020 works like AutoCAD. SketchUp can be installed to a single or multiple folders, depending on your needs. Check out our tutorial on how to install SketchUp here.Pro Tools 2020:For the first time, Pro Tools is a native AutoCAD extension. Users can import layers into their Pro Tools files, move, rotate, scale, and combine layers. See our Pro Tools tutorial here.MindManager 2020:MindManager 2020 is a native AutoCAD 2be273e24d

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